Community Impact

The Amazon Housing Equity Fund’s investments will provide long-term affordable housing for more than 18,000 people. With low-rate loans, grants, and partnerships with local governments and mission-driven partners, Amazon is at the forefront in addressing a nationwide housing affordability shortage. As of August 2022, the Fund has:

• Partnered with 40 public agencies, nonprofits, affordable housing developers, and minority-led organizations to create or protect affordable homes.
• Announced more than $1.6 billion in loans and grants commitments.
• Created or preserved over 12,500 homes affordable to families making between 30% and 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).

an abstract illustration of a man and a woman looking at a computer and building plans

Puget Sound Region,

Amazon’s efforts in the Puget Sound region have already begun to net positive results. In Bellevue, Washington alone, we’ve increased the restricted affordable housing stock by approximately 20% as of August 2022.  Those who currently live in Bellevue and are paying prevailing rate rents will experience up to a 30% reduction in their rent-to-income ratio when they move into a home supported by the Amazon Fund.

It is encouraging to see our state’s largest employer stepping up to provide support to turn the tide on our crisis of housing affordability.”
Claudia Balducci,
King County Council Chair
a ferris wheel on the waterfront in downtown Seattle

Arlington, VA/Washington D.C. Metro

As we continue to grow our operations and teams at Amazon’s second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, we’re committed to ensuring that affordable housing remains a viable and accessible option for communities in and around the Arlington, Virginia/Washington D.C. region.

This is really a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our community to preserve the largest neighborhood of affordable housing units in the county for the next century.”
Mark Schwartz,
Arlington County Manager
a row of parked cars and row houses along a cobblestone street in Arlington, Virginia


Nashville is, by total number of units, has the most multifamily units under construction in America but very few of those new units will be affordable. Amazon is working to create more affordable housing opportunities. Nashville’s need for affordable housing is great and Amazon is committed to helping find a solution.

When you give back to that family, you are strengthening that neighborhood and revitalizing that neighborhood. And when you revitalize that neighborhood it makes a strong community. And when you have a strong community, that’s what makes a city vibrant and attractive. You have families and companies that are looking for attractive cities, so that they can live, work, play, and do business. Helping a family, in turn helps the city, coming back full circle. We want more companies such as Amazon to make donations and contributions to give back to the families.”
Ruby Baker,
President of the Bordeaux Hills 
Residential Association
an aerial view of the Nashville skyline