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Darmetric Maloy

Signature Development

Darmetric Maloy is a native son of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. But his introduction to homebuilding came at the age of 12 when he moved to Paris, Texas. He became an apprentice of sorts in his uncle’s carpentry shop. He accompanied him to job sites, fetching tools and supplies and watching new homes erect to welcome new families. He has always maintained two careers: one corporate and one as a real estate investor.

After returning to Seattle in 1998, Darmetric attended Washington State University, leaving after his junior year to work full-time for GE Energy. Eventually, Darmetric earned a degree in Business and Information Systems from the University of Phoenix and secured positions with B/E Aerospace and The Boeing Company, where he gained experience in global cost reduction, forecast management, auditing and international contract negotiation. Over the years, he managed more than $2 billion in contracts with cost reductions and risk avoidances of more than $250 million. Currently, Darmetric is a Business Analytics Manager with primary responsibilities sourcing, developing, and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software for the company.

His real estate career began with a primary home purchase that became his initial investment in a buy and hold portfolio. Along with his business partner and fraternity brother, Frank Newsome IV, Darmetric created the Signature Development company focused on building commercial affordable housing. They currently have more than 30 units under development and construction. He plans to implement financial literacy programs for people of color partnering with other established companies in the region. Darmetric, his wife Jamie, and son DJ like to spend free time vacationing with family and friends as they prepare for the arrival of a baby girl. He is also involved in community programs as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

“I want to be a part of a positive move for the future.” – Darmetric Maloy
Darmetric Maloy