LISC Puget Sound

Hambdi Abdulle

African Community Housing and Development

Hambdi Abdulle is a prominent leader in the Puget Sound region, and she has more than 20 years of experience working with the African Diaspora immigrant and refugee community. She is the Executive Director and co-founder of African Community Housing & Development, a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for African Diaspora immigrant and refugee communities, families, and individuals in King County. The organization helps them to attain health and housing stability, economic development, high-quality education, and access to legal services.

Hambdi is a former educator who holds degrees from Lafoole University and George Mason University. She is a member of the Community Café Collaborative, the Communities of Concern Commission, and King County ParksHealthy Communities & Parks Fund Commission. She is a proud recipient of King County Council’s MLK Jr Distinguished Service Award, as well as Congressman Adam Smith's Champion of Justice Award in recognition of her contribution to the communities of the 9th Congressional District. She also received South King County Council's Human Services Equity and Social Justice award for exemplary community leadership and advocacy. She served as a board member of All Home from 2015-20, a standing member of the Affordable Housing Task Force from 2017-18, and a member of the King County Women’s Advisory Board from 2019-2021. Hambdi is polylingual (English, Somali, Arabic, and Italian), and a Somali-language poet.

“I have seen firsthand how access to information and high-quality education halts the cycle of poverty and builds towards success.”
Hambdi Abdulle