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Jaebadiah Gardner

Gardner Global

Jaebadiah S. Gardner is an African American, Mexican American businessman, multifamily real estate developer, author and Founder & CEO of GardnerGlobal, Inc., a privately held holding company. Jaebadiah earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and later earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Western Michigan Law School. Prior to development, Jaebadiah worked for Turner Construction, building commercial high-rises in downtown Seattle.

It's a long way from humble beginnings in Los Angeles, raised by grandparents surviving on a small monthly pension and social security checks. His family’s hardships continued when he relocated to Seattle and he personified to model what it means to work twice as hard, to get half as far. During college, he was the king of side hustles, searching for hours on Ebay for bootleg Gucci and Versace and for parts to refurbish old computers. He resold the items to pay the bills and make ends meet.
It paid off.

Jaebadiah is the Founder & CEO of GardnerGlobal (cq. no space), Inc., a privately held holding company. In his spare time, Jaebadiah is a part-time instructor for the University of Washington and Seattle Central College and Board of Trustee for the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. He also serves as president of the University of Washington MAP Board and a Board member for the Pike Place Senior Center and Food Bank. Jaebadiah is author of “Believe in Yourself,” currently available on Amazon, a book that focuses on building wealth through investments, partnerships and community.

Quote from his book, “Believe in Yourself: “I FAILED EARLY, FAILED FAST, AND FAILED OFTEN; This is the foundation of my empire.” –  Jaebadiah S. Gardner

“Make your own roles, or be a slave to another man’s!” – Jaebadiah S. Gardner
Jaebadiah Gardner