Urban Campus and Core, LLC

Jennifer Horne is a tenured real estate executive specializing in development operations and business intelligence for global real estate development firms. Jennifer is a founding partner of Urban Campus and Core, a development and real estate advisory firm focused on sustainable development and investment opportunities.

Jennifer holds an executive leadership certification in Sustainability from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in organizational leadership with a focus on corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

She is a recognized leader in driving successful project outcomes in world class real estate developments, master planned communities and public private partnerships. She also has experience as a community activist and non-profit manager leveraging foundation and federal grant funds to promote positive regional outcomes related to social, economic, and environmental concerns.

As an executive officer and board member of several civic and non-profit organizations, Jennifer works to develop community partnerships and build coalitions to garner support for local and national strategic initiatives particularly focused on social, economic, and health disparities.

Our focus is community partnerships. We truly seek partnerships that empower existing members of the community to be a part of market growth and share in the successful outcomes of the projects we develop
Jennifer Horne
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