Quality Development

Kavina (Kay) Cole is the founder and CEO of Quality Development where she is the developer and general contractor, specializing in new construction development, major additions, and tenant improvements. Since its inception, Quality Development has built nine new construction homes which includes a six-house subdivision

Kay took an interest in home ownership at a very early age when her father purchased their first family home that she believes shaped her focus. From 2014 to 2018, Kay created her own  apprenticeship, teaching herself how to work with architects and make the decisions necessary to direct the construction of three new homes. After completing formal apprenticeships, —the Turner School of Construction Management and Skanska’s Boost Construction program—she started her company, Quality Development.

In 2021, she graduated from the University of Washington Foster School of Business Real Estate Development Program. Kay is excited about the opportunity extended to her by the Amazon’s Real Estate of Color Professionals Accelerator Program to gain new knowledge, access new capital that will enable her to hire more people, and create opportunities to expose women of color to careers in construction and real estate development.

An avid cyclist, Kay knows that she is standing on the shoulders of people who helped her to ascend and she intends to pave the way for others to experience their first new home and reap the financial benefits of building and owning real estate.

“Life is better when you are in control.” – Kay Cole
Kay Cole