Urban Consulting Group

Keith McLean loves real estate because of the people he meets and the opportunity it offers to build lasting wealth. He is a transplant from Southern California who came to middle Tennessee for college and never left. As a commercial real estate broker for Commonwealth Properties, Keith is adept at analyzing deals for acquisition, disposition and development, and understanding market trends. As a project manager for Premier Construction, he’s a pro at keeping projects organized and within budget and scope, and has also dabbled in investment banking.

In 2019, Keith started the Urban Consulting Group while working as a real estate agent and with several nonprofits. He saw many African Americans who inherited property who needed help and options to develop it. Selling, he often told them, was one option, but developing and retaining a stake in the property was much better. His company undertakes infill development, single and multifamily. “I love the opportunity to be creative and to meet new people,” he said.

In his free time, Keith loves to travel abroad, volunteer, and participate in community work in the North Nashville community. Before the pandemic, Temple Church in North Nashville sponsored villages in Haiti and Belize where medical missions made up of 50 volunteers provided free medical treatment that included free dentistry and pediatric care and pharmaceuticals. “Giving back,” Keith said, “is a way of life that spills into his development work.” For him, success is creating inclusive affordable housing and a lasting model for fellows to continue their good work once the RED program is complete.

Sometimes the people who may need affordable housing are overlooked the most. They have weathered the storm and are the character and spirit of Nashville. They deserve to be part of Nashville’s future growth.
Keith McLean