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Sylvester Cann IV

CG Real Estate Group

Sylvester Cann IV’s core strength is an unrelenting intellectual curiosity with an analytical approach to problem solving. He prides himself on being efficient, principled and hardworking—traits that suit his job as a senior manager of engineering at Tableau Software in Seattle. He’s also a developer and co-founder of CG Real Estate Group, started in 2019 with a mission of building affordable housing slow the pace of gentrification.

Sylvester grew up in Kent, Washington as part of a migration of from Seattle that exposed people of color from the city to rural communities were starved for resources and opportunities. The schools were ill-equipped to handle the influx of youth struggling to adapt. Not to be deterred, Sylvester finished high school and completed an engineering degree at the University of Washington. With engineering jobs scarce at the time, Sylvester began a career in commercial real estate valuation, earning his General Certified Appraiser license in 2007. He dabbled in politics and retained his focus on issues related to uplifting black and brown children. Sylvester helped launch a task force whose sole purpose was to pull together developers, business leaders, and stakeholders to improve access to affordable housing.

Currently, CG Real Estate has one project underway and others in the pipeline. Sylvester lives in North Seattle with his wife, Ellen, and daughter, Vivian.

“Housing affordability changes people’s lives and it changes the trajectory of communities when its done right and in a smart way.” – Sylvester Cann IV
Sylvester Cann IV