What Is The Fund

Amazon’s Housing Equity Fund is a more than $2 billion commitment to help preserve and create affordable, inclusive housing developments through low-rate loans and grants to housing partners, traditional and non-traditional public agencies, and minority-led organizations.

Our Vision

The more than $2 billion Amazon Housing Equity Fund was established with the company’s belief that all people should have access to a home they can afford. While only the government can solve the affordability shortage, private industry has a role to play. The Fund was created with the goal of growing and protecting the stock of housing for low- to moderate-income families in Washington state’s Puget Sound region; Arlington, Virginia-Washington D.C. region; and the Nashville, Tennessee region.

Depending on region and family size, this represents a range from $28,290 in Nashville to $113,840 in Arlington, Virginia. All three of the Fund’s priority regions have AMIs well above the national average for a family of four of $90,000. These affordable units are integral to their communities.

A architectural rendering of a large building with trees and a parking lot in front of it

Our Approach

The Fund employs a comprehensive, multipronged approach to housing affordability.
This includes:

Using low-rate loans and capital grants to preserve and create thousands of affordable homes for the long term.

Providing opportunities for emerging affordable housing developer companies led by people of color in real estate so they can grow professionally and have easier access to capital.

Providing grants to support community-based organizations, mission-driven housing providers, traditional and nontraditional public agencies, and organizations led by people of color.

Advocating for innovative and equity-based policy initiatives.

Partnering with local governments and agencies on innovative ways to increase affordable housing options.

Using quick strike funding for preservation of naturally occurring affordable housing buildings.

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Regional Grants & Loans

Our Housing Equity Fund is providing $125 million in grants to minority-led organizations and public agencies to help build a more inclusive solution to the affordable housing shortage, which disproportionately affects communities of color.

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Capital Partnerships

The Fund provides capital for loans and grants that support community-serving affordable housing transactions in neighborhoods experiencing both rising housing costs and displacement pressures that affect diverse and low-income populations.