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Our Impact

The Amazon Housing Equity Fund’s commitment  will provide long-term affordable housing for more than 18,000 people. With low-rate loans, grants, and partnerships with local governments and mission-driven partners, Amazon is at the forefront in addressing a nationwide housing affordability shortage.

Developers of color bring enormous opportunity for creative and inclusive solutions to community-focused real estate development, but systemic issues continue to create multiple barriers to their success. Through this program, we are partnering with Amazon in helping open doors for people of color who can then pay their experience forward.
Ellis carr, president and CEO
in loans and predevelopment grant commitments
Affordable homes created or preserved

Partnerships With
 Developers and Organizations of Color

A distinguishing factor for the $2 billion Amazon Housing Equity Fund is its emphasis on and support for communities of color who have been disproportionately affected by the affordable housing crisis.

Equity is, in fact, our middle name. The Amazon Housing Equity Fund focuses on equity in increased access to affordable housing and in partners who will build housing in these communities.

Central to this effort is the Fund’s support of both minority -owned development firms and minority-led local nonprofits. The biggest challenge that minority-led development companies face is access to capital and resources needed to advance affordable housing projects that benefit their communities.